Session 1

Introduction, Kernel


  • Make you familiar with Geant4 context:
    • History, application domains, philosophy, etc.
  • Introduce key Geant4 concepts:
    • Introduce the structure of Geant4 data
      • Run, event, track, step …
      • And how Geant4 handles them
    • Introduce how Geant4 proceeds with initialization & processing stages of your > ap plication
      • And how it signals you these various stages
    • Introduce the means by which you must describe your simulation problem:
      • Geometry, physics configuration, how to shoot initial particles
    • Introduce you the means by which you can collect information
      • At various levels : run, event, track, etc.
    • Introduce how you must shape your main program


  • Tutorial Introduction ( slides )

    • Logistics, Structure, Lecturers
  • Introduction in Geant4 ( slides )

    • Geant4 history, Application areas, Collaboration
  • Kernel ( slides )

    • General introduction; Global structure of Geant4; Geant4 objects (run, event, track, step, trajectory, etc.), User application classes, User main
  • Geant4 User Interface (Qt Driver) ( slides )

    • Introduction to Geant4 user interfaces, First steps with Qt driver


  • Build & run the example
  • Get familiar with the provided code