Session 2

Geometry, User Interface


  • Explain how to build a geometry:
    • Defining the materials composing it
    • Describing the key concepts to represent geometries in Geant4
    • Exposing the basic placement method
    • Exposing a first set of geometrical shapes (also called solids)
  • Introduce how to control your application in the Qt graphical interface environment
  • Expose the various documentation and aid sources
  • Introduce the Geant4 User Interface (UI) philosophy
    • Exposes structure of macro file commands and basic commands
    • Explain how to make your application UI-sensitive


  • Material Definition ( slides )

    • System of Units, Defining elements, materials and mixtures, NIST Material database
  • Geometry ( slides )

    • Detector geometry modeling (G4VUserDetectorConstruction), Volume hierarchy, Solids, Regions
  • User Documents ( slides )

    • Geant4 Web site, Users Guides, Examples, HyperNews, Reporting Bugs
  • User Interface

    • Geant4 User Interfaces overview, Syntax of UI command, Interactive mode / batch mode, Macro file, G4UIExecutive class ( slides )
    • Defining UI and visualization in main()( slides )


  • Implement geometry from given parameters
  • Inspect geometry