Session 9

More on Physics, Kernel


  • Expose the physics content of Geant4 (hadronic part)
  • Give recommendations on what physics list suited to what use cases
  • Expose other kernel advanced features:
    • user information classes, stack management, user limits


  • More on Physics - part 2 (slides)

    • Hadronic physics
      • Overview, Elastic process, Precompound/de-exitation models, Cascade models, Parameterized models
      • Neutron physics, Ion physics, Radioactive decay
      • String models, CHIPS / electro-nuclear models, Capture / fission / isotope-production models
  • Which Physics List to Use (slides)

    • Choosing appropriate Physics List, Validation
  • More on Kernel (slides)

    • User information classes, Stack management, User limits


  • Production of secondaries with cuts
  • Change of secondary production with physics list
  • Export/import geometry in GDML