Software Installation

The hands on will be done on the classroom computers where the Geant4 and ROOT software will already be installed. For the participants who want to use their own machines, the basic instructions for installation from sources are provided below.

In addition, detailed instructions for installation per platform (MacOS, Ubuntu and Windows) are provided at the dedicated Wiki pages:

The instructions are provided for the latest versions, Geant4 11.0.p01 and ROOT 6.26.00. The Geant4 versions 10.7.x (where x is any patch number) are also fine (?), but if you have an older version, it is recommended to update your installation.

Geant4 Installation

The necessary Geant4 configuration is as follows:

  • Geant4 version 11.0.p1 (the version 10.7.p3 is also ok)
  • installation by CMake in multi-threading mode
  • with the optional modules (used in the course):
    • Qt
    • GDML - requires xerces-c installed on the system

See Geant4 Installation Guide and the Release notes if necessary.

The CMake options of the configuration above:


Which gives the following command line to compile and install Geant4 in a general way :

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ make install

ROOT Installation

See ROOT documentation how to get/install ROOT. Any version 6.x.y should be fine for this tutorial.

If you need more help, please, contact Igor Semeniouk