Session 7

Multithreading & More on Visualization


  • Session focusing on Multi-Threading (MT)
  • Explain what is MT in general
  • Expose the benefit and issues specific to MT
  • Explain the MT scheme adopted by Geant4
  • Explain how to make a Geant4 MT compliant


  • Multithreading 1 ( slides )

    • What is a thread, Why multi-threading, Multi-threading in Geant4, Multi-threading Geant4 application
  • Multithreading 2, 3

    • What is thread-safety, Geant4 MT utilities (slides)
    • Event data reduction, Migration of a sequential application to MT, Results with Geant 10.2 (reproducibilty, scalability, memory reduction), integration with external frameworks (slides)
  • More on Visualization (slides, video)

    • Visualization commands, Extending GUI


  • Migrate Geant4 application to MT
  • Get experience with Geant4 multi-threading
  • Inspect Root output, using TChain
  • Get experience with a race condition
  • Extend gui.mac with your own buttons/menus